Marina Uehara


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Director for Student Engagement

Marina is the Director for Student Engagement at International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). In her role, she directs the day-to-day New Student Transitions Operations for first year, transfer, and graduate/professional degree international students; leads campus collaborations for new students initiatives, and directs the Culture Corps program and initiatives. Marina also provides strategic planning for the Student Engagement and Intercultural Initiatives team. 

With the Culture Corps and Global Gopher Academy, we implement educational initiatives and develop strategic leadership through cross-cultural experiences and personal engagement on campus and in the classrooms for international student leaders. Students can share and utilize their unique assets, skills, and talents through various projects and internships at the University of Minnesota.

Prior to joining ISSS, Marina worked as a Gender Responsive Corrections Officer at the Duluth Bethel Work Release facility and interned at the Public Defender’s office as a Dispositional Adviser. Marina is a past international student from Argentina. She has a double master's from CEHD at the University of Minnesota in Social Work (M.S.W.) and an M.A. in Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development (OLPD), and she is currently licensed as an LGSW in the state of MN.