Change of Address for J-1 Student-Interns

If you change your residential address (the location where you live), you are required by SEVIS to notify your J-1 sponsor within 10 days of the change. Your J-1 sponsor is the organization that issued your DS-2019.

If ISSS issued your DS-2019, you only need to update your address in your University of Minnesota record. It is important that you update your address correctly or it could be rejected. ISSS has created these instructions for updating your address that you should follow. Once your "current mailing" address is changed on MyU, ISSS is automatically notified, and we will automatically notify SEVIS.

Some J-1 scholars and student-interns may not have access to MyU (if you do not have an X.500 ID or if you do not have an appointment at the UMN). If this is the case, you must ask your hosting department to update your address in PeopleSoft, the UMN's central administrative database, or through Human Resources. Again, this update must occur within 10 days of the actual change of your residential address.

We also recommend suppressing your contact information (phone number, email, address, etc) so it cannot be in the UMN's online directory.

J-2 Dependents (DS-2019 issued by ISSS)

If the J-2 dependent is living in the U.S. with the J-1, when the J-1 updates their address on MyU, the J-2’s record will also be updated automatically in SEVIS.

Any J-2 dependent who is living separately from the J-1 scholar or student must file an AR-11 Form within 10 days of moving.

ISSS suggests making a photocopy of the complete form for their personal records. ISSS recommends that they send the form by certified mail so that they have proof that they have complied with the requirement.

Please see Guidelines for Completing the AR-11.

Last updated: May 20, 2021