Important Documents for J-1 Students


The SEVIS DS-2019 is a legal document and must reflect accurate information. Changes in any of the categories listed below should be reported to ISSS and a new DS-2019 should be requested:

  • Name
  • Country of Citizenship or Country of Permanent Residence
  • Major
  • Degree Program
  • Financial Resources
  • Addition or deletion of J-2 dependent(s)
  • U.S. Residential Address

DS-2019 End Date

The DS-2019 reflects an end date in section 3. Students are allowed to pursue full-time studies toward the completion of the program reflected on their DS-2019 up to that date.

  • The end date may not reflect the actual duration of the program of study. The end date may be of a shorter duration, it is tied to the amount of funding available at the time the document was created.
  • If a student completes the program of study prior to the end date, the DS-2019 will automatically expire on the date the student completes. Student has an automatic grace period of 30 days upon the completion of studies to:
    • Depart the United States
    • Gain admission to a new program of study and obtain a new DS-2019
    • Apply for a change of visa status
    • Apply for Post-completion or Post-doctoral Academic Training
  • Degree-seeking students unable to complete their program of study by the end date must apply for a Program Extension before the end date passes.
  • Students unable to complete their program of study by the end date and who fail to extend their DS-2019 before it expires will Violate Legal Status and overstay their visa.
  • Changing from one degree program to another (such as MS to PhD, bachelor's to MEd, etc.) requires a new DS-2019 with a new end date.

Grace Period Eligibility

DHS regulations automatically provide a 30-day grace period for J-1 students who complete a program of study. The 30-day grace period should be calculated from the date of completion. Students authorized Post-completion or Post-doctoral Academic Training have a 30-day grace period beginning from the date the Academic Training expires. Students who do not complete a program of study are not eligible for a 30-day grace period.

Please note: Your Minnesota driver’s license is invalid during the grace period. Do not drive with an invalid driver’s license.

Passport and Entry Visa

In addition to a DS-2019, a valid passport and an entry visa stamp are other important documents for J-1 students.

Learn more about passports and entry visas.

Last updated: June 15, 2021