F-1 Student Transfer from the University of Minnesota

If you wish to transfer away from the University of Minnesota, ISSS will need to release your SEVIS record to your new school. Staff, there, will then be able to prepare a Transfer Pending I-20 for you.

Meet with an ISSS Advisor

If you wish to transfer schools, you should meet with an ISSS advisor to discuss your intent to transfer and to determine your “transfer release date.” The transfer release date will be the date you no longer have a formal connection to the University of Minnesota (such as when you no longer have class, employment, etc.).

You should ask the ISSS advisor to process a “transfer release” in SEVIS for you to attend the new school. Please note: You must be certain that you want to attend that school. If you have admission applications pending at other schools that you may wish to attend, do not request the transfer release until you have made a final decision on the school you want to transfer to.

If your new school has mailed you a Transfer Recommendation form, ask the ISSS advisor to complete that form for you.

If you have violated your legal status, you will not be eligible to transfer your visa status. However, your SEVIS record will still be transferred to your new school, and the international student advisor at the new school can discuss your options to re-enter the U.S. to regain legal status or submit a reinstatement application to the Department of Homeland Security to regain legal status. Our ISSS advisor can also discuss options with you.

Please note: If your plans change (for example, you decide to transfer to a different school or you decide to continue employment at UMN for a longer period of time), it is essential that you notify an ISSS advisor immediately! Once your SEVIS record has been transferred, the action cannot be rescinded.

Obtain a Transfer Pending I-20

When the transfer release date arrives, your new school will gain access to your SEVIS record, and they will be able to process a “transfer pending I-20” for you.

You may use the Transfer Pending I-20 to re-enter the U.S. if you elect to travel before reporting to your new school. When you re-enter, you be required to have a valid F-1 entry visa stamp, and you must be prepared to document the funding resources noted on the I-20. You should also carry a transcript from each school in the U.S. where you have studied.

Get Your Transfer Completed I-20

Upon your full-time enrollment at the new school and prior to the 15th day of class, you should ask an international student advisor at your new school to prepare a “Transfer completed I-20” for you.

If you have been offered an assistantship or fellowship, you should discuss the transfer deadline with the international student advisor at your new school to avoid losing salary or fellowship funds.


Last updated: June 9, 2021