ISSS Check-In for New Scholars

Scholar Check-In is a mandatory process that verifies a visitor's arrival and proper immigration status for SEVIS purposes. This is to ensure that the scholar is eligible to start their J program at the University of Minnesota.

All new J-1 scholars who were issued a DS-2019 by ISSS are required to complete Scholar Check-In within 25 days of their DS-2019 start date.

You are expected to keep your hosting department informed regarding your arrival and any delay beyond the 25 days. Review the grace periods information to see what to do if you are delayed.

How to Check-in

The check-in is completed online. Log into MyISSS and complete the “Scholar Check-In” (set of 4 forms, all required). These forms can be found under the "J-1 Scholar Services" tab on the left side of the page.  

To complete the forms, you will need scanned copies or pictures of the following immigration documents. To avoid complications and delays, ensure the text on the images of your documents is legible and the complete document is visible in the image. Do not include any special characters such as hyphens or underscores in your file names. PDF or JPG files are preferable. You will also need to provide your current U.S. address (a temporary address is OK) and a U.S. phone number (if necessary, you can use a temporary number such as a friend or your department)


  • DS-2019 with the markings made by the embassy/consulate
  • Passport
  • J-1 entry visa
  • Most recent I-94 record (which you must obtain here)
  • UMN ID number, if known
  • For dependents: Provide J-2 arrival documents as well (if they will arrive later, send us copies of their documents once they arrive)
  • For scholar transfers: Previous school’s DS-2019 and the items above (you will receive your UMN DS-2019 after your Check-In)
  • For scholars who just changed status to J-1: I-797 and the items above
Last updated: February 14, 2024