SEVIS Guidelines for J-1 Scholars and Staff

SEVIS is an electronic reporting system that provides the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with information on international students, scholars, and student-interns in the United States who hold F, J, and M visas.

  • Departments requesting a DS-2019 to bring a new J-1 scholar/staff must create a record in Peoplesoft before the DS-2019 can be prepared.
  • J-1 scholars/staff must report to ISSS with their passport, I-94 card, and DS-2019 immediately upon arrival whether or not the hosting department is paying them.
  • J-1 scholars/staff must always be in possession of a current DS-2019. Extension requests must be submitted to the J-1 sponsor before the DS-2019 expires.
  • J-1 scholars/staff who plan to transfer to another institution must inform ISSS of their intent to do so prior to transferring. J-1 scholars should see an ISSS adviser at least one month before their intended transfer to another J sponsor.
  • J-1 scholars/staff who terminate their employment/research at the University of Minnesota and intend to depart must notify ISSS of their departure date.
Last updated: June 10, 2021