Find Housing

Finding housing is an important step for living, studying, and working at the University of Minnesota. There are a variety of housing options available to students both on-campus and off-campus.

We assembled the following resources and information for you about housing.

On-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing

Legal Assistance

University Student Legal Service is a free legal service for students that can answer questions or review your housing lease (contract) before you sign. They provide a tenant housing resource guide and answer any questions about how to work with your landlord.

Temporary Housing

Before the start of the fall semester, new international students can stay in the International Early Arrival Housing. This temporary on-campus housing is an affordable option for new students needing somewhere to stay before they can move into their permanent on- or off-campus housing. For costs and reservations, review the International Early Arrival Housing website.

Please note:

  • Before the start of the spring/summer semesters, temporary housing is not available on campus.
  • Only international students can stay in International Early Arrival Housing. Individuals traveling with family will need to find another housing option.

Other Resources

There are a variety of hotels near the University of Minnesota campus. When making a reservation, you should ask whether they have discounts related to the University of Minnesota. For information about local hotels, visit:

Will you live off campus?

  • Most international students planning to live off campus arrange housing when they arrive in Minnesota. If you will live off-campus, we recommend that you arrive three weeks in advance to search for housing and make other arrangements. If you arrive in the fall, international students can stay in UMN's Early Arrival Housing while searching for their housing.
  • We recommend that you do not sign a lease or contract before viewing the property. For more information on the legal rules surrounding renting an apartment, review the tenant rights information from Student Legal Service. It is important that you understand your legal responsibilities before you sign a lease as it is a binding contract (for more information, review the International Student Preparation Course).
Last updated: June 10, 2024