Culture Corps

Culture Corps is a program focused on international students developing projects and initiatives that bring global perspectives to the University of Minnesota campus.

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The vision of the International Student and Scholar Services Office (ISSS) is to have an inclusive and engaged international learning community. One of the ways ISSS helps international students become more active on campus is through the Culture Corps Program. International students can provide unique perspectives and new insights to enrich cross-cultural understanding at the University of Minnesota. International students receive monetary awards based on the time investment, resources committed and impact of the project.

Culture Corps was created in 1998 by Dr. Mohammed Bari to provide international students the opportunity to share their cultural experiences and their knowledge with the University of Minnesota campus community.

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What skills will I gain by doing a Culture Corps project?

  • Time management skills
  • Project management skills
  • Marketing skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Networking skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Cross-cultural communication skills

Who is eligible?

All international students on an F-1 or J-1 visa enrolled full time at the UMN are eligible to apply.

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International students and faculty, staff, and departments can email [email protected] for more information.

Meet the Student Leaders