Buses and Trains

Public transportation is provided by Metro Transit, and includes all public buses and light rail trains.

On the Metro Transit website you can find a wealth of information about the public transportation system, including maps and bus schedules and routes. On this website you can also use Trip Planner, a tool to help you figure out how to get from one location to another at any time of day or night using the public transport. Trip Planner can also help you plan your trip according to different criteria, such as Faster Trip, Fewer Bus Transfers, and Less Walking.

University of Minnesota students are eligible for UPass, a discounted transit pass that can be charged to your student account, and is renewable each semester that you attend the university.

If you are on University of Minnesota Payroll, you can purchase a Metropass discounted, unlimited-ride pass good for use on all Metro Transit routes, including the Light Rail.

You can find more information about fares and the various types of discounted passes on the Metro Transit website.

If you do not have a UPass or Metropass, you will be able to pay cash for your bus ticket. The cost varies, depending on when and where you are traveling. If you take the bus, you pay the fare directly when you get on. If you use the light rail, you must buy your ticket BEFORE boarding the train by using the vending machine on the station platforms. You cannot buy tickets on the train. Remember: You need to have the exact fare amount. The driver does not have change.

Busing Around the University Campus

The University runs a regular shuttle service that links the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses. All campus shuttles are free and a schedule is available online.


The University of Minnesota Twin Cities (UMTC) is one the largest urban campuses in the country, spanning five miles from east to west. During the school year, approximately 80,000 people come to campus daily. That’s why it’s a smart idea to consider some driving options before you make your trip. Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) has a number of programs and services to assist you in your planning.

For those who choose to drive to campus, here are your parking options.

Other options:


Minneapolis is one of the most heavily biked cities in the country, with an average of 10,000 people riding daily for commuting and recreation (there are significant seasonal variations, but many people bike year-round). In fact, Minneapolis has one of the highest percentages of residents who commute by bicycle than any other large city in the country. There are 40 miles of on-street bike lanes and 82 miles of off-street bike trails in Minneapolis alone.

Learn more about biking around campus.

Last updated: June 14, 2021