Departure from U.S. for J-1 Students

The University is required to notify SEVIS when a J-1 exchange visitor (student, scholar, etc.) is no longer enrolled.

This requirement applies when the individual completes their program earlier than 30 days before the end date on their document, withdraws from their program of study, is suspended, transfers to a new J-1 sponsor, or changes their visa status, to name a few.

SEVIS requires a reason any time a student’s record is terminated or ended in the SEVIS system and it’s important that the correct reason (such as completed early or changed status) be provided. The reason remains a permanent part of the record and may have an affect on a J-1’s future eligibility to enter the U.S.

Please read the guidelines below and inform ISSS of your situation as it pertains to your permanent departure from the University of Minnesota. However, if you complete your program fewer than 30 days before the end date shown on your current DS-2019 form, you do not need to inform ISSS. Your DS-2019 will automatically expire in SEVIS the day after your program end date.

Please note: Temporary departures over the break periods or the summer vacation period do not need to be reported to ISSS.

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Withdrawal from Program

  • A student who has elected to permanently withdraw from their program of study during the term should consult with an ISSS advisor. This will also insure that the student’s SEVIS record is ended with the correct reason.
  • Students may be able to arrange a Leave of Absence with their college if they feel they may resume the program of study in the future.
  • The DS-2019 that you currently have will not be valid for re-entry into the U.S. once you have permanently withdrawn from your program. Students who elect to resume the program of study at a later date will need to request a new DS-2019.

Suspension from Program

  • Suspension will be electronically reported to SEVIS.
  • Your DS-2019 will be cancelled as a result of the suspension and cannot be used for re-entry into the U.S.

Consult with an ISSS advisor regarding your options.

Completion of Program

  • Report to ISSS: SEVIS requires that J-1 exchange visitors (students & scholars) notify their J-1 sponsor (such as ISSS, etc.) if their program is completed 30 days or more before the program end date on their DS-2019. Email ISSS and send us the following information:  name, ID#, date of departure, and reason for departure (such as returning home.) This ensures that a student’s departure from the U.S. is properly recorded on their SEVIS record.
  • Students on Post-Completion Academic Training: If the student will be participating in post-completion and/or post-doctoral Academic Training, they do not need to notify their J-1 sponsor if their program has completed 30 days or more before the end date on their DS-2019.
  • 30-Day Grace Period: Students who have completed a program of study have a 30-day grace period in which to depart or travel within the U.S. Students have an additional 30-day grace period beyond the end date of their post-completion or post-doctoral Academic Training. You are not allowed to be involved in any J-1 activities during the grace period. If you will not be able to complete the J-1 program before the DS-2019 end date, you need to request a DS-2019 extension before the current DS-2019 expires. Also, you are not allowed to drive with your Minnesota driver’s license during the grace period. Minnesota drivers’ licenses expire when your DS-2019 expires.
  • Update Your Permanent Address: Please make sure to update your new home address in OneStop following the instructions below to stay in touch with UMN.
    • Click on the link "Update Personal Information"
    • When the "Personal Information" screen appears, use the menu at the top of the screen to go to "Personal Addresses"
    • Choose "Home Permanent"
    • Update your residential address in "Home Permanent" and submit change

Transfer to Another J-1 Program Sponsor

  • A student’s SEVIS record must be electronically transferred to the new J-1 program sponsor before the new sponsor can create a DS-2019.
  • Consult with an ISSS advisor regarding intent to transfer and to determine a SEVIS “transfer effective date.”
  • Students who have applications pending at multiple schools should not request a SEVIS transfer until they have decided which school they will attend.

Change in Visa Status

  • J-1 exchange visitors who change their visa status (to H-1B, J-2, F-1, Permanent Resident, etc.) and who may or may not continue their program of study should notify ISSS immediately. ISSS will ask for a faxed copy of the new status.
  • ISSS will terminate the individual’s J-1 record in SEVIS, based on the change in status.
Last updated: June 15, 2021