Global Excellence Scholarship

All international freshmen and transfer students who are admitted to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities are considered for a Global Excellence Scholarship (GES).

Awards are competitive and based on academic merit. Students selected for the GES awards are among the best in their high school class and show a record of very strong academic preparation.

There is no separate scholarship application available; undergraduate students are automatically considered for the GES based on an overall assessment of their on-time application for admission into the University of Minnesota. All awards are made at the time of admission, so continuing students who were not initially awarded are not eligible to apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions are designed to help recipients of the Global Excellence Scholarship understand the terms of their awards. Recipients should also reference the award letter they received via email at the time they were notified of their scholarship award (these documents would have been sent prior to enrollment).

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Will I receive my GES award if I am taking a reduced course load?

Yes, but since your tuition cost may be lower, your award amount could also be lower. Also, Global Excellence Scholarship awards require maintaining full-time enrollment of at least 13 credits per semester. When students do not meet one or more of the scholarship renewal criteria, they are allowed to appeal to have their situation be considered for an exception. Please send an email to [email protected] for more information.

Will I receive my GES award while studying abroad?

Global Excellence Scholarship awards cannot be applied to study abroad programs. However, you will be able to resume your scholarship when you return from your study abroad program. Credits earned while studying abroad can be used to satisfy the 30-credit annual requirement if they have successfully transferred to the UMN.

Will changing my major affect my GES award?

Global Excellence Scholarship awards are not tied to a particular major or college, so changing majors within the University will not cause you to lose your scholarship.

Will changing my visa status affect my GES award?

Global Excellence Scholarships are only awarded to students on F-1 visas. Students must maintain F-1 status to continue to receive their GES awards.

Is it possible to increase my GES award?

All scholarship award decisions are made at the time of admission. Global Excellence Scholarship award rules do not allow for adjustments to be made mid-degree due to hardship, excellent academic performance, or any other reason. If you are experiencing financial challenges, you should review our other ISSS Funding Programs.

I will need to stay at the University for one or more additional semesters to complete my degree requirements. Will I be able to extend my GES award for this additional time?

Global Excellence Scholarship awards are for four years for students who entered the University as freshmen or three years for students who transferred to the University. If you believe you have extenuating circumstances and need the scholarship for additional time, please contact [email protected].

If I take a leave of absence, will I be able to receive my GES award when I return to the University?

Global Excellence Scholarship awards require that students maintain consecutive terms of enrollment. If you have taken a leave of absence, you can contact [email protected] to submit an appeal to request the scholarship to continue, but it is not guaranteed.

If I am put on academic probation, will I lose my GES award?

Global Excellence Scholarship awards are contingent upon maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

Last updated: June 9, 2021