Departure or Termination

ISSS must be notified when an H-1B employee is terminated or resigns from their job. Please complete the Departure Form.

As stated in the Employer Responsibilities, if the department dismisses the employee before the end date of the approved H-1B petition, the employing department may be responsible for the reasonable costs of return transportation to the employee's last place of foreign residence. ISSS will determine this.

A 10-day grace period is sometimes granted at the end of H-1B status, but this is not automatic. If granted, it is reflected on the I-94. Employment is not allowed during the 10-day grace period.

If employment ends before the I-797 Approval Notice end date, a grace period of up to 60 days may be allowed. This grace period is the sooner of either (1) 60 consecutive dates, or (2) the most recent I-797 petition end date. This grace period may be discretionary and you should consult with an advisor if this situation applies to you.

H-1B employees who change immigration status or whose permanent residence is approved should send a copy of an official approval notice or permanent residence card to an H-1B Advisor.

Last updated: June 7, 2021