Program Extension for J-1 Scholars

An extension is needed if you wish to continue your J-1 scholar activities/work beyond the current end date on your DS-2019. Scholar activities cannot continue beyond this date into your 30-day departure grace period. An extension can only be granted for the purpose of continuing your J-1 scholar collaboration with your UMN department.


You are eligible to apply for an extension of your J scholar program if:

  • Your UMN hosting department and faculty mentor are in agreement with the extension request
  • You will have enough funding (as indicated in the ISSS extension application) to support yourself and any J-2 dependents for the duration of time on your extended DS-2019
  • You have active UMN health insurance for yourself and J-2 dependents
  • You have not applied for and been granted a Department of State waiver of the Two-Year Rule
  • You have not already reached the maximum program duration for your respective J-1 category (see below)

ISSS has the discretion to extend a J-1 scholar's program up to the limits imposed by immigration regulations. These limits are specific to the J category the scholar is in:

  • Research Scholars and Professors may extend up to 5 years from the start date on their DS-2019
  • Short Term Scholars may extend up to 6 months from the start date on their DS-2019

How to Apply

To apply for a program extension, complete the Continuing J-1 Scholar DS-2019 Request Form.* You should then email it and the required supporting documents (listed on the request form)  to [email protected].

Do not forget to have your department help you complete the department fee form. All scholars must provide proof of funds. If employed by the University, your updated invitation/offer letter from your host department will serve as your proof of funds documentation. 

Upon approval by the ISSS advisor, a new DS-2019 reflecting your new program end date is processed and issued to you (and to any eligible dependent). You will be emailed when the extended DS-2019 is ready. Please allow at least 2 weeks of processing for your new DS-2019(s).

* Make sure that you or your faculty mentor informs your department administrator/HR representative of your intentions to extend. There may be additional department-specific paperwork for you to complete in addition to extending your DS-2019.

After Extension Is Granted

Health Insurance 

Obtaining an extended DS-2019 does not automatically extend your UMN health insurance coverage; you must additionally extend your and any eligible J-2 dependents’ health insurance coverage.


If you are on UMN payroll, you will need to share your DS-2019 with your department's payroll specialist and complete a new Form I-9. You will need to provide the new DS-2019, your passport, and your I-94 card/record.

Driver’s License

If you have a driver’s license, you will need to apply for an extension of your license with the MN Department of Motor Vehicles.

Additional Notes

  • There is no limit to the number of extension requests a scholar can submit. As long as you fulfill the Purpose and Eligibility criteria above, you may submit an extension request for review.
  • The ISSS fee is the same for all extensions regardless of program duration. The Fee Form in the application must be completed with the department EFS account string. Other methods of payment cannot be used for this fee.
Last updated: November 2, 2022