Claim Your UMN Email

Regularly Check Your UMN Email

Your University email address is the official form of communication at the University of Minnesota. Official announcements from the University, your department, professors, and ISSS are sent to this email address. Your tuition bill will also be emailed to this account. You are responsible for knowing any information sent to you through your University email.

Go to to claim your email account. You can leave the field asking for a Social Security Number empty if you do not have one.

Create a Strong Password You Will Remember

You will be required to create a complex password that includes letters, numbers, spaces, and/or special characters (for example, ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & ( ) - _ + = ).

It is important that you select a password you will remember. While it is possible to reset your password, this process can be difficult for students who are not physically in Minnesota.

We recommend you write down a hint to help you remember your password. The Office of Information Technology has suggestions for how to create a password that will be easy to remember.

Need Help With Email?

If you need help claiming or accessing your email, you can contact the UMN’s Technology Help service desk (called 1-HELP) by email, phone, or chat. Learn how at

Students in China

The UMN uses Google as our email and applications platform. We are aware that this may make it difficult for incoming students living in China to access their UMN email account. Claim your account and review the other recommendations at

Before the start of classes, most (but not all) offices will send communications to both your UMN email and the personal email address you provided on your application for admission.

We recommend signing up for the UMN China Office’s WeChat Official Account: "明尼苏达大学驻华代表处UMN" (ID: UMNChina).

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Last updated: July 26, 2021