Academic Financial Support

Academic Financial Support can provide financial assistance for degree-seeking international students enrolled at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities who have experienced financial challenges due to unforeseen circumstances. Depending on a student’s situation and need, Academic Financial Support can help with tuition, fees, and insurance costs.

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Eligibility Requirements

Meeting these criteria does not guarantee that you will receive ISSS funding. If you are in F-1 or J-1 status and do not meet all the criteria and have extenuating circumstances, you can still apply. Extenuating circumstances are considered, even if not all criteria are met.

  • Document that the financial support stated on your visa document/s changed unexpectedly and due to circumstances beyond your control
  • Be admitted to and enrolled in a degree program at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • Be registered for at least one credit
  • Be making satisfactory academic progress
  • Be in legal F-1 or J- 1 student status and have held this status for at least one year while attending the University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  • Completed at least one academic year in your current degree program for graduate/professional students, and two academic years for undergraduate students
  • Not have received Academic Financial Support funding for another previous degree and/or major. Academic Financial Support may be received for only one degree program and one major during your studies at UMN.
  • Spend reasonably and frugally. Excessive and non-essential spending (e.g. any travel expenses, restaurants, entertainment, shopping) may disqualify you. Your spending history will be reviewed.
  • Must have a well articulated plan going forward for how to pay for educational and living expenses.

You must submit all required documentation. We will review everything in your application and all of your documents. If it is determined that you are missing any required documents, your application will be delayed and/or denied.

If you need additional funding after any semester that you were awarded, you will need to apply again and meet the eligibility and funding criteria again. Receiving funding for one semester does not guarantee that it will be renewed in the future.

Priority is given to students who are:

  • In the final stages of their degree program or who have a short-term financial need. Funding for short-term situations is not likely to be continued beyond a single semester.
  • In bachelor programs who have received funding for less than two years, master's programs for less than one year, or doctoral programs for less than two years
  • Employed and have submitted a Verification of Employment form. Students should remain employed if awarded ISSS funding. Please consult an ISSS advisor before seeking employment off-campus. If you do not have an employment please explain the extenuating circumstances that prevented you from securing one.

Required Documentation

You will need to submit the following documents with your application:

  • Financial Information form
  • Verification of Source of Funds
    • Must be completed by your source of funds according to your visa documents (I-20/DS-2019)
    • Must contain a Stamp or Seal of Notary Public or Court Official certifying signature. If you are not able to notarize the form, have your sponsor submit a copy of their government issued ID along with the completed form. 
    •  If your source of funds is unable to complete this form, your source of funds can include a separate letter explaining the financial situation that contains a notary stamp, seal, or court official signature or they may submit a copy of their government issued ID.
    • If you are still unable to get any documentation that meets this requirement, please contact [email protected] for assistance.
  • Academic Advisor Verification Request
    •  As part of the application process, academic verification will be required from your Academic Advisor verifying you are making satisfactory progress toward the completion of degree requirements.

Additional documentation and information may be requested.

How to Apply

You can apply now if you are applying for the current semester. Please speak with an ISSS funding counselor if you are looking to apply for a different semester. We do not accept applications for future semesters.

Applications typically open in early August for the fall and early December for the spring.

Select the appropriate semester below to apply:

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Last updated: May 28, 2024