Change of Address for F-1 Students

Add or Update Your Mailing Address

SEVIS requires students on F-1 visas to report their U.S. address to the University of Minnesota within 10 days of moving. Failure to update your current address in MyU can result in the loss of your status.

It is important that you update your address correctly or it could be rejected. ISSS has created these instructions for updating your address that you should follow.

Add or Update Your Phone Number

  1. You must also enter a phone number into MyU. To update your phone number, go to the "My Info" tab, and click the pencil icon next to "Phone."
  2. Click "Add A Phone Number," or click on the pencil that is right of "Phone" and make corrections.
  3. Select "Home" as the "Phone Type" in the drop-down menu, and then enter your phone number including country code, if it is an international number.

Database Suppression

We recommend suppressing your contact information (phone number, email, address, etc) so it will be displayed in the University's online directory. This will help protect your privacy and protect you from scams. Instructions are available here.

F-2 Dependents

  • If your F-2 dependent is living in the U.S. at the same address as you: When you update your address on MyU, the F-2's record will also be updated automatically in SEVIS.
  • If your F-2 dependent is living separately at a different address than you: You must file an AR-11 form within 10 days of moving. Please see Guidelines for Completing the AR-11.

Fall 2021 Information

If you are a continuing/returning student who is living outside of the U.S. for Fall 2021 and you do not have a current address in the United States: 

  • You may enter the U.S. address of a friend or family member who could receive university mail on your behalf while you are away.
  • If this is not an option, you may enter the ISSS address. This mailbox is not regularly monitored, so you should not use the ISSS address for any other purposes.
  • Do not enter a foreign address as your mailing address in MyU. A current U.S. address is required to keep your SEVIS record active.

If you have never entered the U.S. on your “Initial Attendance” UMN I-20 and you will study online from outside the U.S. for Fall 2021: 

  • You are not required to enter a U.S. address in MyU at this time.
  • Remember to enter your U.S. address in MyU within 10 days of arriving in the U.S.
Last updated: June 28, 2021