Instructions for Updating Address

To comply with immigration regulations, you MUST inform the University of your new address within 10 days of moving. ISSS will then report that information to the SEVIS immigration system.

Log into MyU. 

Log into MyU. Go to the "My Info" section.

My fino section

Click "Edit" next to "Address."

Click "edit" next to address

Click "Add a New Address."

Click "add a new address"

Enter Your Address.

Enter your local Minnesota address as shown in the image below. Do not include anything in the Address 1 field other than your street address (do not include the apartment or room number in Address 1).

  • If you are living in a temporary residence, you should enter that address now and update it again within 10 days of moving.
  • You cannot use a foreign address, P.O. box, office, or department address. You must enter the street address where you are living.
  • If this information is not added and you receive an Address Warning, review the suggestions given and modify the information as necessary.
To update your address, you must 1. Confirm that the selected country is the United States, 2 enter your street address only in address line 1, 3enter your room number only , 4 enter your city, state and zip code in the appropriate boxes, and5 click ok when done.

Choose "Home" and "Mail" in the "Address Types" box.

Select both the Home and Mail address types

Click "Save."

Select save when done to save your address
Last updated: September 21, 2021