Minnesota Ambassadors Taking College Home (MATCH)

Share your experience of studying at Minnesota with students in your home country.

What is MATCH?

MATCH is designed to give current undergraduate international students at the University of Minnesota the opportunity to share their experiences at the U with students in their home country during winter and summer breaks.

MATCH students will select, contact, and visit two educational sites, including at least one high school and possibly one university or advising center during University breaks. MATCH participants will receive an honorarium (payment) for their time.

The MATCH program provides students with the opportunity to make contacts and network in their home countries, while sharing their experiences at the University of Minnesota and informing students about studying in the United States.

Who can be a part of MATCH?

Any current full-time international student at the University of Minnesota is eligible. Students who apply must maintain full-time student status through the semester after their site visits.

Students must also meet all requirements of the program and the Statement of Understanding.

Please note that due to the competitive process of the MATCH program and availability of funds, not all applications will be accepted.


MATCH participants must:

  • Be a full-time enrolled international undergraduate student
  • Read and agree to the Statement of Understanding: I am currently enrolled, in good standing, and a degree-seeking international undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota. I have read the information about the requirements and expectations for the MATCH program, and I agree to comply throughout my participation. Further, I understand that if I neglect to follow through on all reporting requirements, I may forfeit my honorarium and certificate.
  • Attend a MATCH training session
  • Visit two sites (at least one high school)
  • Provide documentation of visit

Application Information

The MATCH Program is offered twice a year during the winter and summer breaks.


Students who complete all of the requirements of the MATCH program will receive between $200-300 in an honorarium that will be credited to their student account.


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