Tips for MATCH Participants

The ISSS and the UMN community appreciate your efforts in talking to prospective students about your experiences at Minnesota. Below are:

  1. Steps for preparation before you leave,
  2. Expectations of your visit, and
  3. Requirements upon return in order to receive your honorarium and certificate.

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Preparing for Your Visit

  1. Read the terms of agreement when registering your visit online. You are required to attend an informational session before going on your visits.
  2. Contact the institution you will be visiting. REMEMBER, you are required to visit at least one high school, but can also visit a university or Education USA advising center . Introduce yourself as an international student from the University of Minnesota who is interested in giving a talk to students who might be interested in learning about studying in the USA from your perspective, as well as answering questions about the University of Minnesota.
  3. Set up the date, time and place of the meeting.
  4. Pick up your customized letter(s) and packet(s) from ISSS for the institution you will be visiting.
  5. Consider inquiring in ISSS to see if there is an alumni contact from the country you wish to visit. This individual may be of help in setting up your appointments.

    During Your Visit

    1. Introduce yourself to the primary contact.
    2. Express appreciation for setting up the meeting.
    3. Tell the students about your experiences at the U of M.
      Do not worry if you don’t know the answer to a question. Be honest about it, but refer them to the Admissions Office website for undergraduate questions. Try to be positive and enthusiastic!
    4. Answer questions honestly. Tell the students the truth about life here, but remember that you are representing the University of Minnesota, so be sure to include the positive points and remain professional.
      Finally, try to connect your prior school experience at your home country with your experience studying in the USA. You can tell students about the differences between studying at the U of M and in your country.
    5. Have your primary contact at the institution complete the response questions from your materials packet on their institution‘s letterhead.

    What to Take

    1. ISSS letter to give to main contact person with questions to be completed on letterhead by principle contact person at institution abroad (one response form for each visit).
    2. Information from ISSS about Minnesota to leave with the schools.

    After You Return

    1. Complete report online for all visits (separate report for each individual visit).
    2. Submit letters from institutional contact on their letterhead to ISSS and return left over materials to the ISSS
    3. Wait 5-6 weeks for honorarium to arrive.
    4. Notify the ISSS if you are willing to lead one or more of the upcoming one-hour training sessions.
    Last updated: June 22, 2021