ISAB Support for Departments

Are you interested in feedback from international students regarding a new initiative, communications, or your current programs and services?

The International Student Advisory Board is comprised of 10 members representing the international first-year, transfer, exchange, sponsored, graduate, and professional degree students. Students also represent voices from the Minnesota International Student Association, Council of International Students, and Minnesota Student Association.

In addition to items brought forward by OSA and ISSS, we welcome other UMN offices to contact us when they want insight from international students. The International Student Advisory Board members are happy to provide feedback and suggestions about the international student experience and services for international students (review our examples of some of our past partnerships).

Typically, board members receive questions in advance and background on the topic so that they can survey their networks when preparing to provide robust and in-depth feedback.

If you are interested in having a discussion, contact one of the staff members working with the board (Beth Isensee and Sara Carvell).

Last updated: November 7, 2023