Past ISAB Projects

What are examples of past items ISAB members have discussed?

The members of the International Student Advisory Board provide feedback and suggestions to offices upon request. Previous consultations have included:

  • Office of Equity and Diversity: Providing insight on the experience and needs of international students with campus climate
  • Career Services: Reviewing current career services and what types of additional support would be most effective
  • Orientation and Transition Experiences: Reviewing a new orientation video for incoming students and providing suggestions
  • Minnesota Daily: Discussing the need for greater coverage of international students issues along with employment opportunities for international students
  • International Student and Scholar Services: Making recommendations regarding the content of the ISSS Weekly Update and the International Student Preparation Course
  • ISSS and OSA: Discussing experiences of bias and discrimination on campus, how offices can be supportive, and what resources are valuable
  • Graduate School: Reviewing the Graduate SERU international student module questions and providing suggestions for wording and question content in the Graduate SERU
  • Office of Student Affairs: Attending the UMN Leadership Summit and reflecting on what was valuable and what could be enhanced

If you want to learn more, you can read the Minnesota Daily's articles about the ISAB from 20182019, and 2021.

Last updated: October 8, 2021