Global Gopher Caucuses

The University of Minnesota is committed to providing you with a safe space to be successful. International Student and Scholar Services supports all students and particularly those with traditionally marginalized identities. We will not tolerate any misconduct, discrimination, or harassment based on your identities.

We all know how important it is to connect with folks with similar identities as these connections are crucial to ensure your success at the University of Minnesota. That is why ISSS has created the Global Gopher Caucuses, student-led spaces where you can navigate the complexities of your international identities within the U.S. framework and context. For students with marginalized identities, these caucuses are spaces to talk about your experiences, get support, and share information.

The following groups open up during Global Gopher Events and may continue throughout the semester:

  • LGBTQIA+ International Student Caucus (you can also learn about ISSS's support for LGBTQIA+ international students)
  • Muslim International Student Welcome
  • Black-Identifying International Student Support Group (BIISSG)
  • Latino/a/e International Student Welcome
  • Sponsored International Student Welcome (read the sponsored student definition if you have questions about whether this applies to you)
  • International Parenting Student Caucus

In addition to joining these groups and ISSS's other programs, we encourage you to go to Gopher Link to learn about the 1,000+ student groups at the University of Minnesota!

View the recording of our International Parenting Student Virtual Welcome Event here



Two ISSS staff members holding a sign saying "You are here! We like that"

Learn more

ISSS hosted a session during past Global Gopher Events on the history and status of Diversity and Equity in the United States. We encourage you to watch it.

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