Sponsored Student Information

Welcome to the University of Minnesota!

We are happy that you will attend the University of Minnesota. There are specific regulations and rules for sponsored students, so review the following definition to determine if you are a sponsored student.

Please note: Most international students are NOT sponsored students.

You are a sponsored student if...

Your tuition, fees, insurance are paid directly to the University by your sponsor after the University sends an invoice. Sponsored students must be approved to study at the University of Minnesota by:

  • Your government
  • An international organization
  • A non-profit organization
  • A foundation
  • An employer in your home country
  • Other third-party organization or institution

You are not a sponsored student if...

  • You pay your tuition and fees to the University of Minnesota yourself after receiving funding from your government or a third party directly.
  • You are coming to the University of Minnesota due to an agreement between your home university and the UMN.  
  • You or your family will be paying your tuition.
  • You have a graduate assistantship, fellowship, or have other funding from the University of Minnesota.
Last updated: February 25, 2022