Meet ISSS Student Leaders

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Get to know some of the ISSS student leaders! They shared advice their advice for new and returning students, along with recommendations for places to study and have fun both on campus and nearby.

Advice for New and Returning International Students

For both returning and new international students, I want to say use the resources that you have around you. Feel free to reach out to other people and talk to them. Don’t feel pressured that you are alone. You’re not alone, we’re all here for you!   

— Anupama Rao

Recommendations On Campus and Nearby

Melrose Station — Daniel Ravindran
Daniel Ravindran
Commuter Connection — Aiyappa Appanna
Aiyappa Mandepanda Appanna
Magrath Library garden and Mim's Cafe — Noor e Huma
Noor e Huma
Boynton Health — Summer Doeun Kim
Summer Doeun Kim
Taylor Center in Lind Hall — Yewon Kang
Yewon Kang
Health Sciences Library and Pho Mai — Ky Nguyen
Ky in graduation robes
Center for Academic Planning and Exploration and the Libraries — Anupama Rao

What They Enjoy About Working at ISSS

For me personally, I’d say that every member feels like a safety net or a safe space, pillar of support, some foundation. I think that’s what constitutes of a really good team, when you can rely on each other.

 — Daniel Ravindran