Transfer Information for J-1 Students

Transfer to the University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota cannot process your DS-2019 until your current sponsor processes an electronic “transfer out” of your SEVIS record. Discuss with your current sponsor the transfer “effective date.” That date should be the date that you no longer have ties to your current school (for example, classes or employment). 

Please note: The effective date of your transfer cannot be later than the end date of the DS-2019 issued by your previous sponsor.

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    Current Sponsor Procedures

    • Meet with your current J-1 sponsor to discuss your intent to transfer to the University of Minnesota and to determine a SEVIS transfer “effective date”.
    • Ask your current J-1 sponsor to process a “transfer out” in SEVIS for you to attend the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Please note: You must be certain that it’s the University of Minnesota to which you want to transfer. If you have admission applications pending at other schools that you may wish to attend, do not request the transfer release until you have made a final decision on the school you want to transfer to.
    • If you have violated your legal status, you will not be eligible to have your visa status transferred. The University of Minnesota will issue you a new DS-2019 to begin a new program (not a transfer DS-2019) that you must use to a) re-enter the U.S. to regain legal status or b) apply to the Department of Homeland Security for Reinstatement of legal status. ISSS staff will review your options with you and provide you with further information.

    UMN Procedures

    • Once your transfer becomes effective, you must immediately report to our office. ISSS is required to report your participation to the University of Minnesota program via SEVIS within 30 days of the program effective date.  Due to processing time required, you must report to ISSS within 25 days of your effective date.
    • On or after the transfer effective date, the University of Minnesota will be able to access your SEVIS record and prepare a University of Minnesota DS-2019.
    • If you travel outside the U.S. before beginning your program at the University of Minnesota, you should use the University of Minnesota DS-2019 for re-entry. You must have a valid J-1 entry visa stamp and you must be prepared to document the funding resources noted on the DS-2019. You should also carry a transcript from each school in the U.S. where you have studied. If this is your intention, please contact ISSS and inform a J advisor of your plans. ISSS will not be able to issue the new DS-2019 until the transfer effective date.
    • Complete Document Check via MyISSS. The documents you will need to submit include your passport, I-94, previous DS-2019(s), UMN DS-2019, and your letter of admission. If you have been pursuing Academic Training, please have your Academic Training Authorization Letter.

    Students with Assistantship Offers

    You are not eligible to be employed by the University of Minnesota until your transfer is complete. The transfer process will not be complete until a DS-2019 has been issued by ISSS and you have enrolled at the University of Minnesota for at least one credit. Failure to have the transfer process completed by the beginning date of the assistantship will result in your loss of salary. It will also result in your tuition benefit being prorated based on the number of days you are not paid an assistantship salary; you will be billed for prorated tuition.

    To avoid this, enroll at the University at least one day before your assistantship and ensure your arrival on campus provides sufficient time to complete Document Check via MyISSS, clear any holds on your University record that will prohibit enrollment, and meet with your academic adviser regarding the classes you will be taking.

    Please note: You cannot register for classes until you have completed Document Check via MyISSS and gotten temporary or permanent releases of holds that are on your academic record.

    Transfer from the University of Minnesota

    Your SEVIS record must be “transferred out” to your new sponsor before they can prepare a DS-2019 for you.

    See instructions for transferring from UMN.

    Last updated: June 28, 2021