Home Country Position Codes

The Home Country Position Code is to describe what the prospective scholar's most recent occupation/status in their home country has been (not what it will be at the UMN).

The code is needed for UMN departments completing the ISSS application to invite new J-1 research scholars, professors, and short-term scholars. For UMN departments inviting new student-interns, the code is needed to complete step 2 of the host department application.


Click through the 9 categories (100-900) below to see positions and their codes in each category.

Choose a position that most closely describes the prospective scholar's current (or most recent) occupation/status in their home country.

Write both the word description and its 3-digit number code into the ISSS application.


Word Description: Head of Government
Number Code: 111

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100 Category: Government

Central Government Group Code
Head of Government 111
Ministerial Level Official 112
Executive Level Official 113
Central Government Civil Service 114
Professionals and Scientists in Central Government 115
Legislator in Central Government 116
Judge in Central Government 117
Manager of State Enterprise 118
Central Government, Other 119


State, Regional, or Provincial Government Group Code
Governor or Other Chief of Regional Unit 121
Senior Head of Regional Development 122
Executive Level Regional Officials 123
Civil Service Employee in Regional-State Government 124
Professionals and Scientists in Regional Government 125
Legislators in Region or State Government 126
Judges in Region or State Government 127
Managers of Regional Enterprises 128
Regional Government, Other 129


City or Town Government Group Code
Mayor or City Manager 131
Head of City Department 132
Executive Level City or Town Official 133
Civil Service Employee in City or Town Government 134
Professionals and Scientists in City or Town Government 135
Legislator in City or Town Government 136
Judge in City or Town Government 137
Manager of City Enterprise 138
City or Town Government, Other 139


International Organization Group Code
Head of International Organization 141
Senior Official of International Organization 142
Employee of International Organization 143


200 Category: Academic Community

University Level Group Code
University President or Rector 211
University Administrative Staff 212
University Teaching Staff Including Researchers 213
University Graduate Students 214
University Undergraduate Students 215
Medical School Students 216
University School Students in Other Professions 217
University, Other 219


Secondary School Group Code
Secondary School Principal 221
Secondary School Teacher or Staff 222
Secondary School Student 223
Secondary School, Other 224


Elementary School Group Code
Elementary Principal, Teacher, or Staff 231
Other Elementary School 239
Special Schools, Institutes, or Vocational School Groups 240
Special School, Institute, or Vocational Head 241
Special School, Institute, or Vocational Teacher or Staff 242
Special School, Institute, or Vocational – Other 249


300 Category: Private Sector

Private Business Group Code
Private Business Entrepreneur 311
Corporate Executive 312
Manager Employed by Private Business 313
Employee of Private Business 314
Professionals or Scientists in Private Business 315
Private Business, Other 319


Self-Employed Professionals Group Code
Self-Employed Professionals (Legal Field) 321
Self-Employed Professionals (Medical Field) 322
Self-Employed Professionals (Technical Field) 323
Self-Employed Professionals — Other 329


Independent, Non-Profit, Hospitals, or Other Org. Group Code
Director of Institute/Corporation or Hospital 331
Manager-Executive Employed by Institute/Corporation 332
Employee of Independent Institution or Corporation 334
Institute/Corporation Professional/Scientist 335
Independent, Non-Profit, Hospitals, or Similar Org. — Other 339


Agriculture (Includes Forestry and Fisheries) Group Code
Agricultural Entrepreneur 341
Executive of Agricultural Business 342
Agricultural Manager 343
Employee of Agricultural Enterprise 344
Professional or Scientist in Agriculture 345
Agriculture — Other 349


Religion Group Code
Minister of Religion 351
Religious Order/Congregation Member 352
Theologian 353


400 Category: The Arts and Sports

The Arts Group Code
Artist (Graphic Arts) 411
Author (Playwright, Poet) 412
Stage or Film Actor 413
Film (Or Stage) Producer 414
Composer or Musician 415
Arts — Other 419


Sports Group Code
Athlete 421
Coach 422
Sports — Other 429


500 Category: Labor

Labor Union Group Code
Labor Union Head 511
Labor Union Official 512
Labor Union — Other 513


Labor Union Ministry Group Code
Labor Minister (or Labor Agency Head) 521
Senior Ministerial Official 522
Ministerial or Labor Agency Employee 523
Ministry of Labor — Other 529


Labor Experts in Academia Group Code
Professors of Labor Relations — Code Deleted — See Code 213  
Labor Experts in Academia — Other 539


Labor Organization and Other Labor Groups Code
Head of Labor Organization 541
Employee of Labor Organization 542


600 Category: Communications

Electronic Media Group Code
Head of TV or Radio Station 611
Radio or TV Journalist 612
Electronic Media Technician 613
Electronic Media — Other 619


Printed Media Group Code
Editor and/or Publisher 621
Journalist 622
Technical Official in Printed Media Field 623
Printed Media — Other 629


Film as News Media Group Code
Film Maker 631
Film as News Media — Other 639


700 Category: Important Political Figures Not Classified Elsewhere

Opposition Leader - Legislature Group Code
Opposition Leader (Not in Government) 710
Former Influential Political Official 730
Important Political Figure 790


800 Category: Military

Military Group Code
Military 800


900 Category: Other

Other Group (Not Classified Elsewhere) Code
Other 900


Last updated: July 12, 2021