Academic Probation

All international undergraduate students on academic probation are expected to meet with an ISSS academic counselor at least once during the semester they are on probation. Academic probation can impact an international student’s visa status, and ISSS academic counselors provide useful information and support to students on probation.

What Is Academic Probation?

Students can be placed on academic probation when their grade point average (GPA) goes below a certain level, and/or they are not making satisfactory academic progress as determined by the student’s college.

While on probation, students must meet certain requirements to remain a student at the University of Minnesota and avoid being suspended. These requirements can be explained by your college and academic advisor. Most students on probation will have a GPA requirement they must meet, and some may also have additional requirements. If students do not meet these requirements, they will be suspended from the University of Minnesota. Please refer to your academic advisor and probation contract (if applicable) for the details of academic probation.

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Suspended students cannot register for any classes at the university for at least one year. After the suspension term, students may possibly be eligible to apply for readmission if they can demonstrate improvement and readiness to succeed. Students should also work with their academic advisor if they are at-risk of being suspended and wish to return to the UMN.

Visa Information

Academic probation does not directly affect a student’s visa status. However, if an international student is suspended, their visa status will be terminated on the first day of the term their suspension begins.

If a student is on probation and decides to travel out of the country after their probation semester, the student should not re-enter the country until confirming they have not been suspended. Suspended students face a higher risk of being denied admission into the U.S.

If you have been suspended or are at-risk of being suspended, contact an ISSS academic counselor to learn about your options and get help.

Last updated: April 19, 2021