Resources for Surveying International Students or Staff

International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) is generally unable to assist with connecting researchers and international students due to the number of requests we receive. We recommend visiting OIT's Qualtrics page for recruiting international students and staff for surveys.

Who Is International?

International students and employees of the University of Minnesota are on non-immigrant temporary visas.  They have certain restrictions and requirements to stay legally in the U.S. Visa status and citizenship country are private information. Permanent residents, native and naturalized citizens, and U.S. citizens who are dual citizens of another country are not defined as “international.”

Speakers of Languages Other Than English

The University’s data does not record foreign language skills.  Researchers, recruiters and employers may wish to research and/or contact the Student Groups on campus. For a directory, go to and select the “Cultural and Diversity” filter.

Recruiting International Subjects

See the Institutional Data and Research (IDR) for more information and a form to request assistance in creating an email list based on the research criteria, such as country, academic level, college, etc.

Survey Support Contacts

See Qualtrics for training and support.

General Information for Planning Surveys

Last updated: November 21, 2022