ISSS Fees and Refunds

Explanation of ISSS Student Fee

The International Student Support Services Fee and the International Student Engagement Fee are charged to all temporary non-immigrant international students in F-1, J-1, J-2, and other visa statuses enrolled at the UMN Twin Cities campus. The fees are mandatory and are included in students' bill. 

The International Student Support Services Fee funds the direct services we provide to students as well as the work we do behind the scenes in support of students maintaining their status (mandatory immigration compliance and reporting). The fee supports immigration advising, personal counseling and advising, orientation programming, ongoing educational, cultural and social programming, as well as local and national advocacy on behalf of international students. 

The International Student Engagement Fee funds ISSS’s leadership and engagement activities for international students and supports the campus creating an inclusive and engaged international community.  


The ISSS fees are removed in the event of a change from non-immigrant student status (specifically when a student is no longer in F-1 or J-1 status) prior to the start of the first day of the term and requires notification to ISSS and documentation of the effective date of the change of status. Examples of a change in status are receiving U.S. Permanent Residency or an H-1B visa. The removal of the fees is effective on the start date of the official documentation that ends the student status and refunds are provided for those who paid fees for semesters in which they were not in non-immigrant student status. The ISSS student fees will not be charged in subsequent semesters. Students must notify ISSS of the change in their status by completing our F-1 Departure form or the J-1 Departure Form in MyISSS and submitting it via email to [email protected] with documentation of the effective date of the change of status. Students who are considering giving up their F-1 student status should consult with Student Legal Services

Last updated: February 13, 2023