Finding and Hiring an Attorney

If you need an attorney, please note that ISSS cannot make specific referrals. However, we do provide resources that may help you locate an attorney who can handle your case. We recommend you discuss your need for an attorney with an ISSS advisor.

Finding an Attorney

Suggestions for Selecting an Attorney

  • Get referrals. Ask family, friends, or colleagues if they know any lawyers who practice in the legal area in which you need assistance. Even if your friends or colleagues have not hired a lawyer to handle an issue like yours, they may be able to connect you with someone they know who has retained the services of a lawyer. People are quick to recommend a good lawyer and even quicker to name a poor one, which can be a great help when you are beginning your search.
  • Interview your short list. Interview potential lawyers to find one who matches your needs and budget. It is best to find a lawyer who does not charge for an initial consultation. You should feel comfortable with the lawyer. Ask them if they have any experience with your type of case. If the lawyer provides client references, use the contacts to get a better understanding of the lawyer's work style.
  • Compare fee schedules. Some lawyers bill by the hour while others charge a flat fee. Ask if there might be additional costs such as postage, courier fees, court costs, or other charges. Some cases are done for a contingency fee meaning the lawyer will take her fees from any settlement. Read any contract carefully, and do not sign it unless you understand it completely. Lawyers can be very expensive.
Last updated: October 17, 2022