Cross-Cultural Discussion Groups

Join a Cross-Cultural Discussion Group to make new friends, expand your worldview, and engage in meaningful conversations with other UMN students!

The Cross-Cultural Discussion Group (CCDG) Program is an opportunity to meet other UMN students from different countries, backgrounds, majors, and colleges in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. During a group’s weekly discussion, you will share cross-cultural experiences and reflect on various topics including food, friendships, relationships, taboos/stereotypes, culture shock, educational systems around the world, work-life balance, and much more.

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Who can join?

All UMN students, both international and domestic, graduate, professional and undergraduate, are encouraged to join a Cross-Cultural Discussion Group. We also welcome UMN faculty and staff to apply to be group facilitators.  

How does it work?

You can apply to join either as a Participant or a Facilitator. 

As a participant, you will commit 1-2 hours every week to participate in a cross-cultural discussion group, either in-person or virtually. It is a great option if you want to meet people from diverse backgrounds, exchange perspectives on cross-cultural issues, and grow your support network. 

As a facilitator, you will commit 2-3 hours every week to co-plan and co-lead weekly meetings with your assigned CCDG group, either in-person or virtually. Because this role comes with leadership responsibilities, prior cross-cultural experience and strong organizational and communication skills are highly recommended. 

It is our priority that you are matched to a group that works best with your schedule and is as diverse as possible. 

How do I apply?

We are no longer accepting applications for facilitators for fall 2023 and we only have two groups still open to participants. 

Please see the gold box below for more information about the available groups.


Please contact Thi Nguyen, CCDG Program Coordinator, if you have any questions and/or requests. 


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