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Student Seminar

New International Student Seminar (NISS)

Spring 2020 Students: We are completing edits to NISS Part 2, and it will be available the week of February 20. ISSS will email directions to new students once the Canvas course is available.

All new international undergraduate students (Freshmen and Transfer) are required to complete the New International Student Seminar (NISS) during their first semester at the University of Minnesota.

In this online program, you will complete a self-assessment to reflect on your experiences at the University of Minnesota, learn about the resources available to you on-campus, and create a plan to use one of these resources;

When will I get information about NISS?

ISSS will email all new undergraduate students during their first semester with directions about NISS. You will not be allowed to register for your second semester of courses until you have completed NISS and your AI hold has been removed.

What do I need to do to complete NISS?

There are two parts of NISS, and you must complete both of the following before your AI Hold will be removed:

NISS Part 1

You must complete an online self-assessment about your experience at the UMN so far. The self-assessment will likely take up to 10 minutes to complete. Complete directions are included in the NISS Part 1: Self Assessment.

NISS Part 2

At the end of the self-assessment, follow the directions to enroll in the NISS Part 2: New International Student Seminar (NISS) on Canvas. Part 2 will likely take you approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

You should complete the course on a computer (rather than a mobile device) to ensure you can access all of the information.

I had to do an online course before classes started. Why do I need to do another one?

ISSS wants you to be successful in your studies, and there is a lot of information to learn when you first arrive on campus. NISS helps you reflect on your experiences now that classes have started so you can identify and connect with helpful resources.

When will the AI Hold be removed?

ISSS will remove the AI hold on your record within five business days of you completing both Part 1 and Part 2. You must complete both parts for your hold to be removed.