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New International
Student Seminar

New International Student Seminar (NISS)

You found your classes, started turning in homework assignments and are getting ready for your infamous “mid-term exams.” Yet you may find that the expectations and strategies for success in the University of Minnesota educational system are sometimes challenging, frustrating or even ambiguous.

The New International Student Seminar gives you an opportunity to reflect on your goals, strategies, and resources.

All new international undergraduate students (Freshman and Transfer) are required to take the NISS module.

Fall transfer students will receive an email four weeks into the fall semester about completing this module.

First-year and spring transfer students will receive an email at the beginning of the spring semester about completing this seminar. 

The seminar goals include:

  • Reviewing your goals at the U
  • Reflecting about your areas of strengths and areas of need
  • Identifying resources will support you in meeting your goals
The module will take 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

ISSS places an AI Hold on all new international undergraduate students' records. This hold will be permanently removed 1) after you finish the International Student Preparation Course, 2) complete the ISSS Check-in and Welcome (held during your New Student Orientation), and 3) complete this New International Student Seminar module. Your AI hold is will not be permanently removed from your record until you do all of these items.

More information will be sent through email.

This event is sponsored by International Student and Scholar Services and Boynton Health Services.