Promoting cultural and academic exchange

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The U.S. Fulbright Program has promoted cultural and academic exchange through its various grants for over 75 years. The program provides awards to approximately 8,000 students, scholars, teachers, artists, and professionals each year from the United States and 160 countries. Fulbright is unique in its binationalism and noted for its merit-based selection process and academic prestige.

CEHD recognizes the unique role of Fulbright students in contributing to our internationalization efforts and commitment to diversity. Through CEHD’s International Initiatives office, the college supports departments with Fulbright student recruitment and, once enrolled, these students have access to unique opportunities, such as the CEHD’s Fulbright Conference Award and Annual Fulbright Dean’s Lunch. Our commitment to welcome and support Fulbright students has positioned CEHD as the college with the highest number of sponsored students.

Devina Christianti is a Fulbright scholar from Indonesia and recently earned a master’s degree in educational psychology. “As someone who has grown a passion for education, I am always interested in how people learn and what we can do to make people love learning,” she says. “I am grateful for my Fulbright experience because it has given me an opportunity to broaden my perspectives, meet people from around the world, and learn from experts who share the same passion.”

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