Forms for J-1 Students

Forms for Continuing Students

Form How to Access
Add/Update U.S. Mailing Address and Phone Number (Review directions) MyU
Report On-Campus Employment MyISSS
Replace a Lost/Stolen DS-2019 MyISSS
Request a Travel DS-2019 MyISSS
Update Funding (Only) MyISSS
Add/Remove a Dependent MyISSS

DS-2019 Application for Current J-1 Students and Their J-2 Dependents

Use this form for:

  • DS-2019 Extension
  • Amend DS-2019 due to change in start date or name
Academic Training MyISSS
Departure Form MyISSS

Reduced Course Load Requests

Form How to Access
Reduced Course Load Request MyISSS
RCL Due to Medical Reason (only used in specific instances)  PDF

Forms for New Students

Form How to Access
J-1 Degree-Seeking Student DS-2019 Application PDF

Forms for J-2 Dependents

Form How to Access
ISSS Work Authorization Instructions PDF
Form I-765  
Statement of Request for J-2 Work Permission


Forms for Sponsored Students

Form How to Access
Release of Information PDF
Last updated: April 13, 2023