Email Subscriptions for Departments/Staff

Faculty and staff can up to receive emails from ISSS about international students and/or scholars and employment-based visa holders. Thank you for your interest in staying informed about issues impacting UMN international students and scholars. 

Emails about International Students (Twin Cities only)

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ISSS Weekly Update

ISSS sends a weekly newsletter, the ISSS Weekly Update, to all international students (Twin Cities only). Departments, faculty, and staff are welcome to subscribe. (Note: If you also wish to receive High-Priority Messages to Current Students, you should subscribe to that list. You will then also receive the Weekly Update.)

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High-Priority Messages to Current Students

For items that cannot wait until the following week, ISSS sometimes sends emails directly to all/most currently enrolled international students (Twin Cities only). To receive a copy of these emails, go to and click “Join Group.” You will also receive the ISSS Weekly Update if you join this Google Group.

New Student Emails

ISSS sends emails to incoming international students throughout the months prior to the start of semester. These messages are personalized by student group (undergraduate, graduate/professional degree, and non-degree). If you are a UMN staff member who would like to receive these messages, please subscribe to the relevant Google group:

Emails about Scholars and Employment-Based Visa Holders

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Department Contacts for Scholars and Employment-Based Visas

Please note: The following Google Group is for department contacts on all UMN system campuses.

To receive updates from ISSS related to sponsoring J-1 Scholars and employment-based visas (including H-1B and Permanent Residency), go to and click “Join Group.”

Last updated: July 24, 2022