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Get Started — Opportunities for Engagement

You want to better serve international students and scholars. How can you get started?

To better serve the University of Minnesota international students and scholars, an important first step will be to learn about who is on campus. The following resources will help you learn about the international students and scholars at the UMN and provide you examples of the differences that exist when engaging with individuals from other cultures.

Learn Who Is Here

There are more than 6,400 international students and 1,800 international scholars from 130 world locations at the University of Minnesota. Each year, ISSS creates an Annual Report that includes a statistical overview these students and scholars. Reviewing it will allow you to understand the diversity in our international learning community.

Read Their Stories

Each international student or scholar brings a unique perspective and insight to campus, and they each have their own story and achievements. Go to our Stories & Research and Global Scholar Profiles to read stories about some of these individuals. You can also review the in-depth data-collection and research conducted at the UMN to understand the international student experience.

Meet the International Student Ambassadors

Our International Student Ambassadors share their experiences as UMN students with prospective students around the world. Read blogs and watch videos to learn what it is really like to be an international student at the UMN.

Discover the Basics

Below is a collection of short videos that will introduce some of the cultural differences that exist around the world and encourage you to view these differences as an exciting opportunies to learn something new.

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