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International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) offers a variety of training options to help UMN colleges, departments and staff work effectively with international students and colleagues. Our workshops and events cover a variety of topics, including intercultural competency and skills development, how to employ international students and scholars, the specifics of visa regulations, new research explaining the international student experience, and more.

Introduction to International Student Advising | Intercultural Workshops
Inviting and Hosting Scholars, Employees, and Student-Interns
Special Topics and Research

What Past Participants Say

“I have been made aware that I may jump too soon to think I know what is motivating a student to act or communicate in the way they are doing so. My assessment/assumption may be totally inaccurate. I also need to slow down and keep colloquialisms, jargon, and slang out of my informal email communication with students.” – “Becoming Aware of Your Own Culture” workshop participant

"Learning more about the differences between collectivist and individualistic cultures was really helpful to me. I had never thought about how Americans typically compartmentalize their friendships based on tasks…When interacting with international students coming from a collectivist culture, I will try to be more open and understanding of what may be challenging for them in that moment. Rather than assuming my culture onto them, I will try to adapt to their style of interpersonal skills." — Graduate student getting a Master’s in counseling psychology

Want to do more? ISSS will work with you to design a customized workshop for your department!