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Want help preparing your U.S. and state tax returns?

Important: You must use the "Prepare Your Taxes" link on this page to access Sprintax. You will be asked to log into MyISSS, and you will be given directions for logging into Sprintax. Only use the link on this webpage to access Sprintax. You will not get the UMN discount to file your federal non-resident tax returns if you do not follow these directions.

Fraud Warning:

International students and scholars are frequently targeted by tax email and phone scams.

Governmental agencies will NEVER contact you by phone or email to demand an immediate payment or to warn you of a fine/tax.

All international students and scholars can use Sprintax to prepare their non-resident tax returns. Sprintax is a secure tool designed to:

  • Help non-residents determine if they need to prepare their taxes
  • Calculate an individual's tax liability, based on information entered
  • Complete the necessary federal forms so they can be printed, signed, and mailed
  • Prepare amendments, late filings, or corrections for the 2018 tax year, if necessary.

What do you want to do?

Answers to many of the common issues and frequently asked can be found in one of the following resources:

File Your Taxes Attend a Tax Orientation or Clinic Protect Yourself from Fraud See Additional Resources

If you have questions about an Individual Tax Payer Identification Number, you can meet with an adviser during Walk-In Hours. Please bring your original visa documents with you (passport, I-20, DS-2019, visa).

Please Note: ISSS advisors and staff cannot give tax advice or assistance!! Attend one of the Tax Clinics if you want assistance filing your non-resident tax forms.