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When A Leader Truly Inspires

Yaeeun Shin
Yaeeun Shin (center) with Small World Coffee Hour
advisors Thorunn Bjarnadottir and Alex Cleberg

A true leader inspires others to become leaders, who in turn inspire others...and so it continues. That's the case with the University's popular Small World Coffee Hour program.

In May, Yaeeun Shin was the recipient of this award as she was named the SWCH Best Team Member of the Year. Over the last year, Yaeeun brought together a team of student workers that successfully secured $20,800 in funding from the Student Services Fee committee to support SWCH, initiated three new activities, and coordinated events on both the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses.

According to Alex Cleberg, the ISSS adviser for SWCH, “During her tenure as Small World Coffee Hour Coordinator, Yaeeun drew the SWCH team together to achieve goals that exceeded expectations. All these achievements were aided by her ability to see the potential in her team and harness their strengths."

Yaeeun is grateful for the recognition. "Thank you again for thinking highly of my (maybe the whole team's) humble achievement. I got my courage and bravery back today so I can accept the challenge of my next steps."

Date Published: June 2015