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Four Days, 12,000 Miles, and One Job Offer

Peiyu Chen
Peiyu Chen speaks at the
International Student Scholarship Reception

Would you fly half-way around the world to interview for an internship...during finals week? That’s what Peiyu Chen did.

Peiyu came to the University of Minnesota from China because of its great academic reputation. The senior math major took advantage of the many opportunities on campus—like advising, career counseling, and student groups—and ultimately found her passion in actuarial science.

Last summer she set out to find the perfect internship. There was one snag...the interview was scheduled in Beijing during finals week. Luckily, she had a small window—four days—between finals and was able to fly to Beijing, participate in the interview, fly back to Minnesota, and take her exams on time. Two weeks later she found out she was chosen for the internship at Deloitte China’s Beijing Office.

At an International Student Scholarship Reception, Peiyu told her fellow students, “The University of Minnesota has made me into who I am today: a strong and confident job candidate who is ready for new adventures.”

You can watch all of Peiyu's speech on YouTube.

Date Published: February 2015