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Recent Grad Leaves Impact on International Understanding

Khoa Vu
Khoa Vu

Khoa Vu, an international student from Vietnam, graduated last spring with a B.S. in economics and math. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in economics at Tufts University.

Q: How did you work to improve internationalization at the U of M?
A: My work focused on two main aspects of international education: helping students to understand and appreciate differences in perspective and culture, and connecting organizations and departments that share the goal of promoting diversity at the University.

Q: How does internationalizing of the campus help students?
A: One way is that when students can appreciate and learn from cultural difference, they will be able to work effectively in international settings, like a global corporation.

Q: How did your work to internationalize the campus influence you?
This whole experience really shaped me into who I am today in terms of personality and leadership. I also realized that I love to bring the same positive impacts to society that it has imparted on me so my long-term goal is working in the development sector and bringing opportunities to less-developed countries. I am currently serving as a teaching assistant in international economics at Tufts University.

Watch the digital story Khoa made about his work to internationalize the campus.

Date Published: September 2014