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New Sponsored Students

SponsoredWelcome to the University of Minnesota!

We are happy that you will attend the University of Minnesota. Below is information you will need regarding your orientation requirements along with general information about being a sponsored student. For your convience, you can also download and print out a flyer with this information.

Please note: If you are placed at the University by your sponsor for example, Fulbright, Brazil Science Mobility Program, UGrad Program participants), we cannot communicate with you until we receive official notification from your sponsor that you have accepted your placement here at the University of Minnesota.

You are identified by International Student and Scholars Services (ISSS) as a sponsored student, because you have significant scholarship funding from a government (the U.S. or your home country), an organization (e.g. World Learning or IREX), or a company and your sponsor has requested that the University send an invoice directly to them. In addition, you may also have a DS-2019 Form that was issued by a J-1 program Sponsor that is different from the University of Minnesota.

The University and ISSS recognize that sponsored students have some specific needs and requirements that are different from other international students. For the duration of your stay as an international sponsored student at the U, you have two assigned international student advisers in ISSS: Ms. Gabriele Schmiegel, Director, Sponsored Student Programs.

For any questions regarding immigration matters, issues surrounding your scholarship terms, personal advising, accessing services at the University, and more, please feel free to contact us.

Before you arrive on campus:

In order for the University of Minnesota to verify your immigration status, a hold is on your record that will prevent you from registering for classes. This hold will be lifted by ISSS for your initial course registration after you complete the International Student Preparation Course and the Immigration Check-in requirements listed below.

Complete the International Student Preparation Course as soon as possible. In order to access this online orientation, you will need to activate your U of M Internet ID and password. Within the International Student Preparation Course, make sure to click the “Sponsored Student” button so that you receive the information you need as a sponsored student.

What is the International Student Preparation Course?

The International Student Preparation Course is an interactive tool for you to learn about your status as a sponsored student, as well as your immigration status and to prepare you for success at the University of Minnesota. It is mandatory for all new international students, and it must be completed at least 24 hours before your Immigration Check-In.

As part of this orientation, all graduate, non-degree, and professional schooll sponsored students will reserve a time for a mandatory Immigration Check-in (described below). Prior to making this reservation, you should confirm the date of your College or program orientation.

After you arrive on campus:

Sponsored Students who are Freshmen and Undergraduate Transfer students will complete the mandatory Immigration Check-in as part of your New Student Orientation (learn more at All other sponsored students (Non-Degree, Graduate, and Professional School students) must report to ISSS before your College's orientation program at the time you reserved during the International Student Preparation Course.

Attend your mandatory Immigration Check-in session. Please bring the original and a copy of your passport, I-20 or DS-2019, and sponsorship letter/financial guarantee with you. The appointment should take up to one or two hours.

Additional Items:

  • Gabriele will work with the University of Minnesota's Third Party Billing Office to facilitate the billing of your tuition and fees.