Hosting Department Check-In for New Scholars

When you arrive to the University, after you come to the International Student and Scholar Services office for the ISSS Check–In, you will need to check in with your hosting department.

University Database

If your employee record has not yet been entered on the University Database, ask your department to do so. This is required for access to University privileges (such as email/internet accounts, UCard privileges, building access, and library services).

  1. If you will be paid by the University: University privileges are automatically provided, free of charge, to officially appointed faculty and staff of the University.
  2. If you will not be paid by the University: There are two ways for scholars and student-interns who do not have an appointment to be granted the same privileges.
  • The Department assigns the scholar an "Unpaid Appointment" (in the "Job Data" page of the University database system). Generally, when departments choose this option, they will classify the scholar as a "Senior Fellow" (position classification #9751). With this option, just as officially appointed faculty and staff, the scholar will receive complete access to all privileges and services. The "Unpaid Appointment" option is available at no cost to the department.
  • The Department does not assign the scholar an appointment; instead, it "sponsors" services for the J-1 Visitors (the Department can do so as long as that individual provides a service/function that directly impacts University students, faculty, or staff). With this option access might be limited to selected services. The sponsored services are available at cost to the departments.

Learn more about University privileges.


It is strongly recommended that you attend an ISSS orientation session for new scholars or student-interns, so you can ask questions. You should also check with your hosting department whether you are expected to attend a UMN New Employee and/or a department orientation.

Last updated: May 26, 2021