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Community Resources

Public Library System

As a resident of the Twin Cities, you can also have access to the Twin Cities public libraries.

The Twin Cities public libraries are grouped under the Hennepin County Library system, which consists of 41 libraries, more than 5 million books, CDs and DVDs in 40 world languages, and 1,750 public computers and free wireless service.

To have access to the libraries, you must have a library card. You may obtain a free library card at any Library location. When you apply for the card, bring identification showing your current address. You may also apply online.

Through the public library system you can also sign up for different types of classes through the public library system.

Community Education

To sign up for all types of classes through your residential community, you can find information on the following websites: in Minneapolis and in St. Paul

In case you do not live in Minneapolis or St. Paul, you can visit your city’s official website to find out what classes and services they offer.