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Safety On Campus


The University of Minnesota -Twin Cities takes several measures to ensure that campus and the surrounding neighborhoods are safe for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

On-Campus Safety Resources

UMN Police Department

All 911 calls made on campus are directed to the University of Minnesota Police Department (UMPD). The UMPD employs 50 full-time peace officers who are responsible for patrolling and investigating incidents on campus and providing safety training. To contact the UMPD in a non-emergency situation, call 612 624-COPS (2677).

The UMPD will work closely with the Minneapolis, St. Paul, or St. Anthony Police Departments when situations develop related to UMN students off campus. They do not, however, have direct jurisdiction over events that occur in the neighborhoods and businesses bordering the UMN campus, and all concerns should be directed to the local law enforcement agency.

UMN Campus Escorts

The UMPD provides walking and biking security escorts upon request for all students, staff, faculty and visitors going to locations on the Minneapolis or St. Paul campuses or in the surrounding areas. These student Security Monitors are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and the service is free. You can request an escort by calling 612-624-9255, and a map of the program's boundaries is available at

Gopher Chauffeur

The Gopher Chauffeur is a free service gives students rides home if they live on or near campus. Rides can be scheduled by phone, but review the program's hours as it does not operate at certain times (during the summer or school breaks).

Campus Transit Options

There are Campus Shuttle buses that operate on the University of Minnesota campus, including shuttles that connect the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses and the East and West Banks in Minneapolis. These rides are free, and many routes run in the evening.

Code Blue Emergency Telephones

There are 20 emergency phones located on posts with blue lights across the Twin Cities campuses. These phones connect immediately to the UMN Police Department, and, once activated, they emit a bright flashing light to draw attention to the situation.

Stay Informed

There are several ways you can stay updated about safety information at the University of Minnesota.

Crime Alerts

The University of Minnesota will email Crime Alerts to the campus community when certain crimes occur on University property or in areas adjacent to campus. These alerts, required by the federal government, inform the public when there is an ongoing threat to public safety. All University students will automatically receive these alerts, ands others wishing to receive this information can sign up here.


Sign up for SAFE-U if you would like to receive text messages whenever there is dangerous condition on campus or when the campus is closes due to weather. These messages will include clear instructions about any action you should take due to the situation, such as buildings to avoid. All students, faculty and staff are automatically registered with the TXT-U system, but you can opt-out or change your number at

Outdoor Warning System

In certain circumstances, the University of Minnesota Police Department will use a public address system to broadcast alerts.

The outdoor sirens are also tested once a month on the first Wednesday of the month at 1 p.m. This is only a test, and it does not indicate bad weather or other causes for concern.

Safe U

Safe U is an online information resource about the various safety initiatives occurring on campus.