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Pre-Arrival Guide
The Pre-Arrival Guide is sent to all new international students before they arrive at the University of Minnesota. It provides a checklist of items that you should review before traveling to the University Of Minnesota.

Arrival Guide
The Arrival Guide is given to all new international students when they come to Immigration Check-In after arriving at the University Of Minnesota. The guide contains information on the first steps that you need to take after you’ve arrived at the University of Minnesota.

Exchange Student Arrival Guide
The Exchange Arrival Guide is sent to all new exchange students. It includes information to help new exchange students prepare for their travel and explains some ways their requirements are different from other international students.

Adviser Resource Guide: New Undergraduate International Students
The goal of this guide is to provide information and resources to advisers which will help you in assisting international students during their first semester. By creating a smooth transition, international students are more likely to be successful academically and be engaged in their university experience.

International Scholar Handbook
The ISSS Scholar Handbook is designed to familiarize international scholars with relevant U.S. educational and cultural values, and provide important information about available services, offices, and programs in order to help scholars make a smooth transition to the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities.

Family Resource Guide
The Family Resource Guide has information to help your family get adjusted to life in Minnesota. From daycare options to shopping for children’s clothes, this is a comprehensive guide designed to help your family transition to life in Minnesota.

International Scholar: Preparing for your visit in the U.S.A.
The information in this guide will help you prepare for your trip and ensure that your experience entering the United States and beginning your program is as smooth as possible. As you will see from the “Contents” section, you can focus on one or multiple areas that can help you get ready for your stay.

International Scholar: Working in Minnesota Guide
The information contained in this guide will help you understand what you can expect in your new work environment and facilitate your adjustment to it.

Guide to the U.S. Education System
This guide will give you an overall view of how the school system works in the U.S. and will provide you with useful resources. As you will note by the table of contents, you can focus on one or multiple areas. Each section is a repository of relevant information where you can dig deeper into this topic. If you're a first-time visitor to this site, we suggest that you first look at the short introduction. It covers basic information and should give you a sense of other topics you might want to focus on.

Steps to Success for International Student Undergraduates
A guide for international students progressing through their undergraduate careers, this document may be printed in standard size or as a large format poster. When viewing the document as a PDF, the hyperlinks can be used to access specific resources on the U of MN Web site. Use a QR code reader to conveniently save this document to a smart phone or tablet. A mobile device QR code reader can be downloaded at <>.