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New Scholar and Student-Intern: Preparing for your visit in the USA Guide

The information in this guide will help you prepare for your trip and ensure that your experience entering the United States and beginning your program is as smooth as possible. As you will see from the "Contents " section, you can focus on one or multiple areas that can help you get ready for your stay.

  1. Packing
    This chapter provides an overview of what items to bring and not to bring with you to the United States.
  2. Documents to Bring
    This chapter contains essential information about what documents to bring with you to the United States, including legal documents, immunization records, and academic documents.
  3. Financial Considerations
    This chapter discusses some of the costs to consider when planning your travel to and stay in the United States. It also includes a brief section on different methods of payment, including cash and travelers' checks.
  4. If You are Bringing Children
    This chapter directs you to some important resources for those bringing children to the United States.
  5. General Departure Tips
    This chapter will help guide your pre-departure exploration of American culture.
  6. Arriving in the United States
    This chapter provides an overview of how to prepare for your travel to the United States and what to expect at the airport.
  7. Reflection
    This chapter provides questions to consider when determining what you want to get out of your time in the United States and what experiences are important to you.