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Thank You to Our Sponsors

We warmly thank the sponsors who financially support Small World Coffee Hour. Their support has helped SWCH become an outstanding success!


In the early 90's a few globally minded students and scholars gathered to drink coffee and discuss the world beyond the U.S. As the globe became flatter, more and more students were drawn to make international connections, become inspired to travel abroad and to meet others with a sense of international adventure.

Now, Small World Coffee Hour (SWCH) draws hundreds of students and staff each semester. They all have one thing in common: their desire to travel via their tummies by tasting new food, globe-trot via their tongues by trying other languages, and tread into another culture via new styles of dance. Come learn about the world and build connections that expand across the globe. 

Mission Statement:

SWCH’s mission is to provide regularly scheduled events where students can have authentic intercultural experiences that prepare them for a globalized world


SWCH is an International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) and Student Services Fees-sponsored campus life program that offers space on campus for international students and U.S. students to mingle, share their culture, food, dance, games etc. Its mission is to provide regular scheduled events where students can have authentic intercultural experiences that prepare them for a globalized world.

SWCH is a safe place for all students to meet, learn about similarities and differences around the world, learn about specific cultural and ethnic groups, and potentially make friends on campus. Creating a safe place requires that we consider carefully the role of co­hosts and participants at the bi­weekly events. Co­hosts need to be aligned with the mission of this program and the broader vision of ISSS that the University of Minnesota be an inclusive and engaged international learning community. Some co­hosts might bring forward their own religious or political views and can do so to the extent that any religious or political statements do not denigrate others and/or do not involve recruiting/convincing others to join or follow a particular religious or political belief. Co­hosts who have a political or religious point of view will not be excluded as long as they follow our policy.

Participants also need to refrain from political advocacy, religious evangelizing, and/or fundraising requests as these topics are potentially divisive and do not support the spirit of SWCH.