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Small World Coffee Hour

Example of SWCH Programs

Small World Coffee Hour offers numerous dynamic events and through the following example we will attempt to give you a taste of the program!

Ethiopian Life

The Ethiopian Life student group displayed various specialty Ethiopian trinkets and decorations, such as their special coffee mugs, carpets, daily wear, etc. They also gave a short presentation explaining the history, culture, and lifestyle of Ethiopia. They showed pictures from the everyday lives of regular Ethiopians and provided a rare glimpse into the lives of the East African country.

Union of Students Speaking Russian

The Union of Students Speaking Russian is a unique group at the University of Minnesota that has members spanning all over Europe and Asia. At Small World Coffee Hour, they showcased the culture, the history and the beauty of Russian speaking countries throughout the event. The food during this event provided a rare taste of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, to name a few.

Chinese Dumpling Making 

Dumpling is a well-loved traditional Chinese food. Participants had fun learning how to make dumplings with our Chinese “chefs.”

Five Fun Things to Do in Francophone Countries & Greece

Students had fun interacting with members from Le Cercle Francais and Hellenic Student Association to learn some simple French words and have their names written in Greek. We also had delicious French crêpe and Greek food!

Relationships & Dating in Different Cultures

SWCH collaborated with Thai Student Association of Minnesota and SHADE (Sexual Health Awareness and Disease Education) to talk about all things relationship, dating and sexual health from a multicultural perspective. Students had a chance to learn more about this interesting topic, make friends and enjoy free Thai food!