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Students Crossing Borders
Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The Students Crossing Borders community enhances cross-cultural learning opportunities and utilizes each resident’s input as well as campus and local resources to promote greater internationalization of the student experience. Through intentional community development and support, the community seeks to develop cultural understanding, competency, and knowledge while creating connections among global citizens.

Community Goals

As a resident in the Students Crossing Borders community, you will:

  1. Engage in opportunities to understand and embrace cultural differences
  2. Develop and demonstrate enthusiasm for cross-cultural exploration
  3. Explore student leadership opportunities within the community
  4. Actively participate in the mutual sharing of culture in a safe and welcoming community
  5. Participate in cross-cultural campus and community events and develop an awareness of related resources
  6. Participate in and create new traditions that define and enhance the Students Crossing Borders community